FFXI Leveling Guide – September 2022


Leveling has become quite easy in Final Fantasy XI, all thanks to those massive experience points gains, but still, you need to follow a specific pattern to make it to the end. This FFXI leveling guide features everything that you need to know to level up faster and enjoy the true essence of the game at the same time.

Tips for Leveling

Before moving on to the real deal, it is better to activate the trust request. If it is possible, get some experience point boosting gears such as destrier beret to receive more XP for doing less. The record of eminence, on the other hand, isn’t necessary at all but is still kept in the inventory all the time. Unlocking the record eminence is very easy, and you can use it to make your journey through the dark world easy. 

To gain experience points, you have to complete certain objectives in the given time. After the time ends, new objectives will be available. You will also need FFXI Gil and a lot of it, but don’t worry, and just Buy FFXI Gil from Mmopixel. Some areas of the map feature quests like vanquish undead which is a great way to earn experience points. 

FFXI Leveling Guide

This FFXI Leveling Guide works well for beginners who don’t have any idea how things work out here. This guide features specific areas for a set of levels, and you can quickly earn more experience points from that specific area with less grinding. For now, the level cap in Final Fantasy XI is ninety. 

Level 1 to 10

Sarutabaruta, Ronfaure, and Gustaberg

This is the first phase of leveling in Final Fantasy XI, and you will be staying in Ronfaure, Gustaberg, and Sarutabaruta for the most part. They are nearby the main city, and you can reach there in a short time. Before going to these locations, put up your experience points boosting gear mentioned. 

After reaching any of these locations, find an enemy who is between level one and level three to fight against him. You may think that why am I picking an enemy who is higher than my current level, but it is normal. Fields of valor are one the best option for players to earn good XP. With this method, you will quickly reach level ten. Even after reaching level ten, you can stay here for some time to earn experience points, but ultimately, you have to move to a better location. 

Level 11 to 20

Gushen Mines

For players who don’t deal any blunt or magic damage, Gushen mines can be a difficult location. After reaching mines, find skeletons on the game map and kill them while using grounds of valor only. Keep an eye on your health in this location as it can down pretty fast. If you don’t do anything and the health falls down below the yellow spot on the bar, the blood aggro will start. Your character will suddenly die because skeletons will jump on it due to the blood aggro, so you have to avoid this situation at all costs. Don’t worry about the siren in the background, as it doesn’t bring anything dangerous. 

Valkurm Dunes


Use page 1 of the field of valor and kill giant lizards for experience points in Valkurm Dunes. For those who are visiting Valkurm Dunes for the very first time, beware of goblins as they can deal some pretty good damage. As you explore more dunes, you will encounter deadly enemies, but it’s worth the effort as you will earn more experience points for killing them. 

Level 35 to 45

Qufim Island

It is time to switch to Greater Pugil, Acrophies, Gigas, and Clippers for this leveling phase. Between level thirty and level thirty-three, things will be quite complicated, but they become easy at level thirty-three. Cermet walls and all the nearby weapons can cause magic aggro, so stay as far away from them as possible. 

East Ronfaure

You need a sigil to stay alive and fight in East Ronfaure because Colibris and Ladybugs can kill you easily. You can take the fight just like how you want to. 

Level 45 to 55 

Escha ZiTah

You can get more experience points by exploring the Rhapsodies of VanaDiel and fighting against worms and Eschen Crawlers only. Use silence and dispel in case these enemies try to be smart with you.

Bostaunieux Oubliette

Work on funnel bats and werebats at Bostaunieux Oubliette, which is more of like a sewer-based location. Some dangerous hounds here can cause blood aggro so keep an eye on them. 

Level 55 to 65

Kuftal Tunnel

Find crabs which are also known as robbers or sand lizards, here in Kuftal Tunnel. 

Wajoam Woodlands

By fighting in Wajoam Woodlands, you can easily get enough experience points to upgrade ten levels. To get the sanction, go to the Whitegate. 

Levels 70 to 80

Zeruhn Mines

Zeruhn Mines requires you to explore deep, but you can kill worms and bats to get a lot of experience points. It is very popular among the community of Final Fantasy XI players due to many reasons. 

Escha ZiTah

If you are not satisfied, go to Escha ZiTah and kill some snapweed, wasps, and Eschen Goobbue here. You will find many of these monsters here pretty easily. Beware of the sting of wasps, as it can lower your health with just one hit. 

Levels 80 to 90

Dangruf Wadi

Dangruf Wadi is a very good experience point area, especially if you equip the right gear. Kill headsmen and Witchetty grubs till level eighty-five. Afterward, kill trimmers and natty gibbons for level ninety. With rings, you can easily reach level ninety-two or ninety-three in this area only. 

Level 90 to 99

Ceizak Battlegrounds

Ceizak Battlegrounds is a pretty crowded place with a lot of different enemies. Fight blanched mandrogora and keep going along the coastline till the level cap. MMOpixel offers various packages of FFXI Gil so you can stay in your budget and enjoy the game. 

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