How to catch the Sturgeon in Stardew Valley: Guide (September 2022)

How to catch the Sturgeon in Stardew Valley: Guide (September 2022)

We are going to help you catch the Sturgeon in Stardew Valley There is no shortage of fish that players can capture and sell or use to make other items. Sturgeon is the most in-demand, and we will guide you so you can capture one for yourself.

How to get Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

To maximize your chances of catching Sturgeon, you should go to the mountain lake in the northern part of Stardrew Valley. The best time to capture a Sturgeon is in the winter seasons, and when it is raining, you can rest assured you’ll surely catch a sturgeon. However, you will need to have a rain totem.

How To Make A Rain Totem

Making a rain totem is relatively straightforward, but first, you must unlock the recipe with level nine foraging, and you need the following materials.

  • One Hardwood
  • One Truffle Oil
  • One Pine Tar
  • Level Nine Foraging 

Note: Equipping the best fishing rod and using attachments help make the whole process smoother.

Equipping the best rod makes the chances of getting the highest tier Sturgeon to rise significantly. You can get trap bobbers from the fishing shop just for 500 gold once you’ve reached level 6 in fishing and also be able to make the following resources.

  • One Copper Bar
  • 10 Sap

If you can not manage to get a single Sturgeon after all this, then we recommend you start fishing easier fish and increase your fishing level, which will improve your ability to catch fish

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