Your Guide to Genshin Impact’s Hyakunin Ikki Event

Your Guide to Genshin Impact’s Hyakunin Ikki Event


Your Guide to Genshin Impact’s Hyakunin Ikki Event


How to get gold insignias (and beyond)

Hyakunin Ikki is a recurring combat event in Genshin Impact. Players are asked to set up six teams of two characters (12 in total). Along with that, they can also equip skills to the teams with various effects to take advantage of. While the premise seems simple, it takes a bit of thinking to efficiently use what’s at your disposal to get high scores and rewards for your Genshin Impact account.

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Mechanics

You’ll need to talk to Kayabuki Ikkei in Inazuma City to start the event. He’ll lead you to the event domain location, after which you can teleport directly.

The domain has six challenges that unlock every day. You can wait until all of them are available and run through them in one go. You’ll keep changing your teams and domain skills every time, though. Each challenge provides different ‘Transmission Arts’ in the Configure Skills menu, so you must replace unavailable ones to make the most of your run.

As mentioned above, you’ll set two characters and domain skills for each team. When you start the challenge, defeat as many waves of enemies as possible. It’s a tag-team challenge because your teams will weaken if they’re out for too long. You’ll have to switch teams as soon as the active one’s time is about to run out to keep your DPS going.

Another mechanic to note is Fervor, which you’ll see at the top of your screen during the ongoing challenge. Stacking and leveling up the bar gives you Ferocious Fervor, which grants you some buffs and bonuses. You want to gain points and Fervor as fast as possible in the allotted time to be successful in this event.

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Things to Note in Genshin Impact

You can use right-click (on PC) to instantly un/equip skills on your selected team. Unfortunately, it only affects skills, not characters, and only for the ones you can remove or add. That means you can’t instantly move a skill from one team to another or unequip one from another set.
You can use a slider on the left side to rearrange your teams. This is a handy tip for something that will be explained later.

You can check what kinds of enemies you’ll face when you’re choosing the challenge to do. Those with an exclamation point are ‘Nemeses’ and will provide more points and Fervor when defeated.
There is a score multiplier on the bottom of this same screen. Higher multipliers mean stronger enemies, but it multiplies the points you earn. You should have some 80 characters you can use because that’s also the level of the enemies in this domain challenge.

The game will warn you if the team’s timer runs out (typically at around 4 seconds left). This is an early warning sign to switch to the next pair of characters. Watch out for it!

Insignias You can Earn in Genshin Impact.

Depending on the points you gather from battle, you can have four kinds of emblems:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

You can earn a gold insignia if you reach the reward point milestone. At the time of writing (3.1 patches), it’s set at 2000 points. Going above and beyond that means getting platinum, starting from the 2.5 version of the event. That emblem has its divisions. One star is around 3000 points (not the exact limit), and you can get up to three stars for it. The minimum for 3 is about 5000 points.
Players who enjoy combat can aim to get that 3-star platinum, but it doesn’t give any special rewards. It’s more of a bragging rights thing, and it will be immortalized in your Battle Chronicle on the Hoyolab site/app.

Hyakunin Ikki Tricks to Gain Points

1. Start With Your Best Foot Forward


There’s a domain skill that increases Fervor gain during the challenge. Put your strongest DPS and support pair as your first team and equip that ability on them. You’ll start the challenge with a high Fervor right off the bat, which you should be able to keep up for the rest of the battle.

Remember that Ferocious Fervor gives boosts in battle, so having it at the beginning of the challenge is more beneficial. The alternative is building it up along the way, which can be slow depending on how well you arrange and set up your teams.

2. Pair DPS and Support Characters

You must have one on-field DPS character on every team. The second slot is for support (a healer, shielder, or buffer) to boost their damage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep your momentum, lowering Fervor and losing some buffs. Efficiency is vital in this challenge, so ensure you’ve paired the correct characters together.

The challenge ends when any of your characters fall, so be mindful of your HP. Healers and shielders are the best support characters you can bring to this event.

3. Take Advantage of Domain Skills

The Transmission Arts and Secret Arts give various effects you can use. While the former changes for every challenge, the Secret Arts are constant and carry over to the next. Ensure the teams you equip can activate and take advantage of the ability!

If its condition is for the enemy to be burning (for example), don’t put Hydro or Cryo characters on the team. You want to use the effect to maximize point gain.

4. Elemental Auras Remain on Enemies When Switching Teams

Remember the slider tip mentioned above? This is why you should pay attention to it. While on-field abilities (Oz is an example) disappear when you switch teams, elemental auras remain for a short time. If your last team used a Cryo ability, you could freeze them with a Hydro character you subbed in.

Granted, it only works right at the beginning, but those few seconds significantly influence your point gain. Use this fact to create Elemental Reactions you otherwise can’t do with your newly switched team.

5. You Don’t Have to Wait for the Team’s Timer to Run Out

For characters like Cyano or Raiden Shogun who have high DPS states, you can switch them out as soon as it ends. The event favors quick switching, using skills and Bursts, then moving on to the next team. Subbing in the next party can be more beneficial than a few seconds of weaker regular attacks.

Of course, it depends on how you set up your teams. Suppose you have a pair who could use the whole period; by all means, wait until the last second to switch them out. Otherwise, it’s good to use the next pair to keep up the DPS output.

6. Enjoy the Event!

You don’t have to be platinum to have fun in Hyakunin Ikki. Casual players can aim for gold (or even just the Primogem rewards at bronze) and leave it alone if combat’s not their thing. You can even experiment (though with only two characters) with their abilities to see which ones work great together in battle.

In this event, you can use Trial Characters, so it’s another way to experience characters you don’t have yet. Each challenge has a different set of available Trial Characters, though you may want to use your own if you have them. You can also see how well they mesh with your characters and playstyle. You’ve decided whether to pull for them when their rerun comes around.

7. Don’t Stress

This may be a limited-time event, but it will come again as time shows. If you can’t meet your goals because you’re using a relatively new Genshin account, wait until the next time. You’ll have more robust, more varied characters and a better understanding of the game.

As for the rewards, even if Genshin trading is non-existent, everything can be farmed. You can even ask for help from other players in domains. In short, missing out on the rewards isn’t too bad. FOMO is a real motivator to do events, but when it causes burnout, it’s better to accept that you’ll miss out.

Whether you’re gunning for platinum or the rewards you want, have fun in Genshin Impact’s Hyakunin Ikki!

Your Guide to Genshin Impact’s Hyakunin Ikki Event
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