"Lies of P How to Beat King's Flame Fuoco

“Lies of P How to Beat King’s Flame Fuoco

“Lies of P How to Beat King’s Flame Fuoco


Similar to others massive bosses from the movie, Lies of The P, King’s Flame, Fuoco does leave himself vulnerable from time times so that, as a consequence there are a few crucial strategies we utilized to defeat him without employing the game’s summon system. One of the first moves you’ll observe is his punch to the ground and can be avoided through dodge, unless the move is red in nature. If that’s the case, you can run to the back with full tilt, and then to keep it out of range, or dodge it a couple of times to get rid of its range.

If he is able to launch his attack that is left or right, you have the option of avoiding him or right, or sprint like crazy in any direction to get it out of the way. If you chase him while the assault is continuing, however you may get couple of strikes when the back of his head is turned. Also, you can make use of the pipes placed around the arena to stop him for a short time. If Fuoco is able to get into one it will stop before smashing the pipe, giving you the opportunity to get one more hit.

The Lies of P boss also performs an overhead swing that isn’t fast enough to avoid getting in the path. If you remain close to him, you’ll be able to see that he’s able to stagger however, as he frequently moves around the field, it’s not difficult to lose your chance when you have a window of opportunity. If you are able to have him fall over however, you’ll be taking an enormous chunk of his overall health. Just two staggers, and he’s in a bind.

But be cautious while he is in the ropes as that is the time he will generally use his long-range flame attack. In general, it covers about 60-70 percent of the arena. You need be ready before he begins firing at the ground to stay safe from being burned in the process. Go as far and fast as your fitness level will allow to either the south or north edge of the space in order to dodge the attack.

The second part of the battle King’s Fire, Fuoco, will begin firing barrels of oil all over the arena. This is the time to must be aware of where you’re aiming your shots at Fuoco because his fires could cause you to catch fire nearly instantaneously if you’re standing at the wrong place.

However, it is your chance to score an affordable shot on the mechanical beast. Fuoco uses a blasting attack which moves in front of him, like sprinklers, and when you are able to get in front of him and you are able to blast away until the assault ends. Also, this is your best chance of staggering him Don’t be afraid to strike him.

This is basically all you’ll need to know in order to get rid of this specific Lies of P roadblock. If you’re on the verge of getting there but aren’t quite there do not think twice about using the Star Fragment to get yourself some assistance. Given the level of difficulty bosses face in the game it’s likely that you’ll require them once in the course of time.

“Lies of P How to Beat King’s Flame Fuoco
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