The Lies of P The Way to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

The Lies of P The Way to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

The Lies of P The Way to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus


Do you know the Souls-like bosses who you’ve managed to kill after many attempts but then show a new form? If you don’t already know, then please let us know to say that we’re not sure for you, because The Archbishop who died Andreus is likely to be one of them to those who play the game “Lies of P”.

First thing to be aware of is the fact that Fallen Archbishop Andreus is known to cause decay. Almost every time it strikes your tongue with its teeth, it will make your status increasing, and in 3 or 4 hits and you’ll begin to decay. In the event of tongue attacks be sure to get your back and guard whenever you’re hit one time by its tongue.

Fortunately, the Lies of P boss has an extremely short fuse with regards to both electric and fire attack. This being said an attack that has any of the two effects could help make the fight more straightforward. This is because that the fallen Archbishop Andreus is able to attack fast and can reach far when it comes to his attacks. It is important to keep an eye out for his two attacks that are red since they’re amongst the most difficult to dodge from any boss to at this point.

If you continue to pound this monster long enough, the boss will eventually slide over even in the absence of a stagger’s official status. You have the chance to get its brains beaten and get it to stagger by using heavy strikes, however even if it doesn’t succeed it will have the chance to give this tough foe quite a big smack in the procedure. Don’t be greedy. 3 to 5 strikes are most likely the maximum you can take before you step back and refining.

The technique where Fallen Archbishop Andreus draws himself forward is the one that you need to be aware of. It’s a challenge to successfully block or be able to get back away from the direction where the attack is missed. As time passes, you’ll see an opening that you could make use of to ensure that you don’t get targeted narrowly, however, it’s not easy to avoid or take back. In the case of the stand-up crush the best way to avoid it was to avoid the creature and move behind the beast to avoid the attack.

All of his other attacks, like the tongue swipes, as well as the back-andforth vertical arm strikes, are able to be avoided. This is a great thing, since it makes the fight much easier to win once you are more proficient in executing your dodges against the grotesque monster. That brings us to round 2.

When that terrifying transformation occurs, it’s time go toward the back of the monster and attempt to keep your attention on that face of the monster with two heads. The reason for this is that, generally speaking it follows the same strategy of battle as in the beginning of the battle, which makes the fight much more predictable than the snappy rival.

We discovered it’s also worth to seek help if you’re struggling in the second portion of. The helper is likely to help keep the opposing team of the boss occupied while you work on your own side as well as giving an advantage in regards to finally conquering the boss, particularly when it’s been a huge obstruction for you.

Other than this, all you have to accomplish is to keep going however. Your approach remains identical unless you notice yourself being attacked at the other side. If that happens, simply avoid the attack and then run until you reach the other side. Switching off the lock-on for an instant can be very helpful in doing this fast and easily.

In the meantime, listen to that distinctive “ting” sound that let you know that your flask for healing has regenerated, since this boss will likely take you beyond your limit. However, the bad part is that the following boss will be even more difficult and may employ several of the most challenging methods throughout your Lies of P journey.


The Lies of P The Way to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus
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