PlayStation 5 update invalidates one of Dualsense controller's buttons

PlayStation 5 update invalidates one of Dualsense controller’s buttons

PlayStation 5 update invalidates one of Dualsense controller’s buttons


At this current console generation, gamers of any stripe are having a blast gaming whether on PC, PlayStation 4 /Xbox One/ Nintendo.

No matter how good our gaming experiences may be, PC, console and video game developers are continually looking for ways to make them even better – often through updates to games and consoles that should provide enhancements – but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

One experience which has not made things any better is an upcoming PlayStation update and how it affects the Share function on DualSense and DualShock 4 controllers, one of their best features. As reported this week by us, Sony has made plans to remove this functionality which allowed gamers to upload screenshots or Trophies directly from gameplay into Twitter feed.

At this writing, today is a bitter reminder that Sony is winding down their PlayStation 5 Twitter integration by 13 November – leaving only five days remaining to utilize this functionality before being banned permanently from all social media except YouTube (perhaps it will soon follow in Sony’s wake?). Nintendo Switch remains as the sole console to offer this function but you may download content via PlayStation mobile app and then share via other means such as social media sites!

“Starting November 13, 2023, interaction with X (formerly Twitter) will no longer work on PlayStation 5 and 4 consoles,” reads an email notification sent out to console owners. This means no accessing published content published to X on either PS5/PS4, nor posting/viewing any gaming-related activities directly onto X from either console (unless accessing through an account of course!).”

PlayStation isn’t alone in dropping Twitter integration; Xbox did so as well, though Elon Musk, Twitter owner and creator, did respond positively by offering to look into consoles losing access.

Stay tuned as we stay abreast of any developments regarding Twitter integration; however, don’t expect too much.

PlayStation 5 update invalidates one of Dualsense controller’s buttons
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