Fortnite's LEGO season 2 season leaks online

Fortnite’s LEGO season 2 season leaks online

Fortnite’s LEGO season 2 season leaks online


Fortnite leakers have revealed an exciting upcoming crossover between two worlds that may transform battle royale visually.

According to dataminers on Twitter, Fortnite will join forces with LEGO for its next season. Rumors first circulated some months back when LEGO appeared in game files; since then more details have come forth about this collaboration.

Leaks indicate that Fortnite will soon cross over with LEGO toys for another season of fun and games allowing players to control an actual LEGO character!

This collaboration promises to be one of the biggest yet, featuring numerous new and returning features – many with LEGO equivalents – such as workbenches, beds, fences, catapults, map markers, ziplines and trinkets. There will also be an option allowing players to mine props and ores which provide building material enabling use with an exclusive “building tool.”

Based on what has been released thus far, this crossover looks set to bring with it an entirely new game mode; features include sleeping on beds to replenish health and energy; this could prove particularly advantageous during battle royale – sleep voting may even come into play!

Crafting is back, along with vendors for item creation and purchasing. There will also be camping areas to rest at and enemies which appear to be AI bots mentioned in the leak.

Of all this material to read through, there’s also mentions of Minifig versions of emoticons such as sad face emotes as well as emotion reactions which show sadness, boredom and excitement.

Assumptions about this content point to an entirely different way of playing the game with potential RPG mechanics as part of an official reveal event. Leaks from dataminers provide further confirmation, though only an official show case can provide definitive answers.

Fortnite’s LEGO season 2 season leaks online
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