Steam Rating for Starfield Drops to "mixed"

Steam Rating for Starfield Drops to “mixed”

Steam Rating for Starfield Drops to “mixed”


Oh how far Starfield has fallen since it first released on Steam! Due to negative sentiment, its Steam rating has fallen from “very positive” to “mixed”, which while it might not sound terrible is certainly no way an endorsement for Starfield.

So much has occurred since Starfield launched on 6 September – new games have come out that have won both critics and players over – that it now seems much older. We gave Starfield our highest score at launch time (10/10!), yet since its reception has faded rapidly to become less impressive; currently it only boasts half as many players than Skyrim!

Not only would such results look bad on Bethesda, they would put Starfield itself and its legacy at stake – just look at its absence in all 2023 Game Awards categories for proof.

On top of all that, reviews for the game have entered what’s known as “mixed” rating territory – otherwise known as an average section on the board. As someone who got many Cs in school – which are considered academic average grades – I do not wish to criticise anything not exceeding expectations; nonetheless it bodes poorly for an AAA game with so much hype surrounding it to have such lackluster scores from users.

Where did Bethesda go wrong then? “While I still enjoy Starfield as one of my top games of 2018, after 80 hours played I am starting to grow tired with it – something which took much longer with Fallout 4.”

“My biggest beef with Star Trek Online is that after spending two to three hours playing it can feel like nothing has been accomplished by the time the session has concluded – between loads screens, cumbersome travel methods, long walks on desolate planets and overly drawn-out dialogue sequences – Sadly many other players share my sentiment and similarly express displeasure at its slow loading times as well.

Still, fans still believe the game deserves praise despite critics. “I very much enjoy it but can totally see why someone wouldn’t,” explained Passey92. The game certainly has many merits as evidenced by players just starting on their 10th New Game Plus subscription; and this may suggest we put too many expectations onto new releases without enough evidence backing this claim up; though as always video games provide different experiences to different people.

Steam Rating for Starfield Drops to “mixed”
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