Free Nintendo 64 classic comes to Switch!

Free Nintendo 64 classic comes to Switch!

Free Nintendo 64 classic comes to Switch!


Another update for Nintendo Switch Online brings with it one more classic Rare title from Nintendo 64 to join their portfolio.

Although updates for Nintendo’s subscription service have been slow-paced, we are certainly making headway as recent additions include stunning games that truly deserve their chance on modern platforms.

Both Pokemon Stadium games were added to the service with online multiplayer features but without compatibility with Pokemon Home. Also added to this selection was three Mario Party titles which remain fun when played alongside friends, provided you still have some at the end of a round!

Jet Force Gemini from Rare is now joining them, an underrated third-person shooter that immerses you into an intergalactic police officers’ mission of liberation from evil drones scourging an earthbound planet teeming with them. Players explore this planet while blasting away anything that comes their way while collecting new weapons and abilities along the way; progress is accomplished simply by finding doors to open next areas or fulfilling certain actions which unlock specific doors – some doors even only unlock when certain criteria have been completed!

There’s also a multiplayer mode you can take part in with friends – deathmatches, races and firing ranges will pit player against player!

Rare’s great game that often gets overlooked among their other smash hits (most notably Banjo Kazooie or various Donkey Kong titles) so it is great that Nintendo Switch Online gives it some much needed exposure.

As Jet Force Gemini was an arcade classic on Nintendo 64, access to it is restricted by subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack; which unlocks Nintendo 64 titles along with Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles and Game Boy Advance games.

So if you already subscribe, it may be worth exploring, particularly if retro shooters are your thing. Additionally, it can also be played through Xbox’s Rare Replay Collection for added retro shooter gameplay!

Free Nintendo 64 classic comes to Switch!
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