GTA 6 Developer Announces Cancellation of Game

GTA 6 Developer Announces Cancellation of Game

GTA 6 Developer Announces Cancellation of Game


Unusual as it may sound, games that excite fans often end up getting cancelled without much warning; indeed there have been several titles we never even heard about that haven’t even made an appearance yet!

Scalebound from PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 3 developer stands out, an action RPG set for release on Xbox One and PC that was first teased back in 2013 but then cancelled shortly afterwards in 2017. Set around Drew being joined by Thuban the dragon companion he met during Gamescom 2015 demo gameplay sessions; its true potential remains an absolute crime that this will likely never see release!

Agent was an impressively promising title that unfortunately met an unfortunate end; developed by Rockstar North. First announced at E3 2009 and set during the 1970s, Agent promised an engaging blend of James Bond-esque espionage action along with Rockstar’s signature high-octane gameplay from Grand Theft Auto series titles like Grand Theft Auto V or Vice City: the combination would provide exciting gameplay from both perspectives. Unfortunately it never saw release.

But for years after that, news on Agent would remain silent – leaving gamers worried it had fallen into development hell. Though its trademark was renewed twice between 2013 and 2017 respectively, any optimism quickly vanished when Agent was cancelled on November 2018.

Agent is unlikely to ever make its debut on modern consoles even if adapted for current technology; nonetheless, fans still wonder what could have been with Rockstar Games’ lost title from GTA VI development studio Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games has never provided much insight as to why Agent was cancelled, but former developer from Rockstar North, Odde Vermeji, provided some clarity into what this game could have entailed. According to his blog post on his game’s potential setting of 1970s Cairo France Switzerland; Agent would include laser guns and gadgets as players traverse locations such as Cairo France or Switzerland ski resort. Vermeji may sound familiar due to recently unveiling details regarding one of GTA IV’s weapons which fire unexpected shots on NPCs during gameplay – possibly linked by Vermeji recently unveiling details regarding gun used against NPCs during gameplay or reveal details related to one from GTA IV’s weapon used against NPCs being fired upon during gameplay!

Ski resort locations were supposed to feature downhill gunfights inspired by James Bond films such as The Spy Who Loved Me and A View to a Kill. Furthermore, there was set to be an interstellar section inspired by Moonraker; which may or may not have included downhill gunfights.

Agent had great potential as a game, especially for fans of James Bond. Unfortunately, this news will devastate an enormous following of gamers as yet another promise unfulfilled is taken away from us all.

GTA 6 Developer Announces Cancellation of Game
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