GTA 6's reported voice actor finally responds to reports.

GTA 6’s reported voice actor finally responds to reports.

GTA 6’s reported voice actor finally responds to reports.


As GTA VI trailer releases continue to approach, speculation about one of its actors has reached fever pitch. That may explain why one has finally spoken up regarding them.

GTA VI’s release this December has undoubtedly generated incredible levels of anticipation – fans predicting objects they think they will see in its trailer (yes, seriously!) while others remain certain it is GTA VIII and there has been much misinformation and speculation in its wake.

One actor has finally addressed community speculation that they’ll voice one of GTA VI’s characters; ever since its initial announcement of its female lead character Lucia being voiced by Alexandra C. Echavarri Lecaroz they had held firm to this belief.

However, that has proven not to be the case as the actor took to Instagram to discuss their time as GTA V character Lupe in GTA Online where she helps players manage warehouses – definitely helpful! We told you he is!

“I had the honour of voicing Lupe on GTA V,” reads an Instagram caption. “Better late than never, THANK YOU ALL, for the love & support!!! This career goal of mine has finally come to pass! […] When playing the game myself as a teen I never dreamt that one day it would lead me here voicing such a hardcore chick as Lupe on GTA V.”

We were pleased that they noted the awkward timing of this post considering GTA V was released back in 2013, yet still decided it’s “better late than never”. Does their post indicate they won’t voice Lucia in GTA VI? Possibly; although due to Rockstar Games keeping all details about its successor title tightly under lock and key it is possible that actors already knew who their role occupant would be without publicly admitting it until its official announcement.

GTA 6’s reported voice actor finally responds to reports.
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