PC users are eligible for PS40 worth of free goodies on PCs.

PC users are eligible for PS40 worth of free goodies on PCs.

PC users are eligible for PS40 worth of free goodies on PCs.


Epic Games Store freebies have returned, giving PC users two games with a total value of PS40 each as free gifts from this month’s giveaways.

As December approaches and Christmas quickly approaches, Christmas shopping can become costly. PC gamers looking for ways to cut costs should visit Epic Games Store as quickly as possible: you have just hours left until this offer expires; make the most of this opportunity now by getting Deliver Us Mars (this year’s sequel to Deliver Us The Moon ). As soon as later today arrives you may also grab Jitsu Squad or Mighty Fight Federation games at reduced costs!

Jitsu Squad typically retails for PS15.99 while Mighty Fight Federation will typically cost PS23.99; thus creating an incredible savings opportunity here! The free offer starts today (November 30) and continues through to 7 December; for anyone unfamiliar with these titles I will provide further explanation.

Tanuki Creative Studio released Jiu Jitsu Squad last year; described by many critics as an “Marvel vs Capcom inspired four player co-op tag team beat em’ up”, it features character transformations and fast, exciting combat. Although not particularly groundbreaking or captivating overall, Metacritic scored it 70; certainly positives can still be found; critics lauded its lighthearted energy and conciseness as distinct pluses for any potential buyers.

Mighty Fight Federation from developer Komi Games was released back in 2021 and offers fans of fighting games an exceptional fighting game experience, providing opportunities to “slam opponents into walls, launch them into the air, and follow up with fast, high-flying attacks in this arena fighter”. You have access to 14 characters with different playstyles – not forgetting 1v1 matches, co-op mode or free-for-all mode – plus there’s 1v1, co-op or free-for-all!

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