GTA 5 Liberty City Update Announced Before GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 5 Liberty City Update Announced Before GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 5 Liberty City Update Announced Before GTA 6 Trailer


No doubt December marks an exciting moment in GTA VI history; at some point we should see our first official trailer!

Rockstar Games announced last month that GTA VI’s first trailer would debut within weeks; until that momentous day arrives and Grand Theft Auto VI becomes available for release, Rockstar will continue milking GTA Online as much as they possibly can – first launched following GTA V’s release back in 2013 and still going strong to this very day!

Rockstar Games recently celebrated 25 years with GTA III Liberty City being at its heart, and as part of this anniversary the latest major content update for GTA Online will include bonus modes including vehicle heists and drift race competitions as well as car customisation options, new vehicles and many other extras! This major content update promises plenty of surprises for gamers of all levels of playability alike!

Rockstar Games wants you to know that now is the season to steal cars and make money in Liberty City with Yusuf Amir back at work as real estate developer, so take this chance to steal, strip and sell luxury vehicles across town for massive profit in GTA Criminal Enterprise mode!

“Yusuf’s main desire remains collecting luxury import vehicles through any means necessary,” according to Rockstar Games’ press release. With his cousin Jamal as your partner, you’ll be charged with masterminding intricate high-stakes robberies under Red’s Auto Parts — an easily purchasable salvage yard where you call all the shots! From selling premium pieces directly to Yusuf or salvaging upgraded ones for parts – selling or salvaging is your decision; no money exchange hands here – only cash comes your way whichever choice best suites your plans.”

Drift racing gives drivers a chance to put their Need for Speed skills to the test with custom vehicles on fresh circuits, while joining up with an LS Car Meet might mean discovering more cars that offer extensive customisation possibilities.

Think content alone will come out with this month’s update? Think again. In addition to these goodies, this month will also see new features and upgrades made to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S:

Wildlife joins Freemode on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles: animals now roam across Southern San Andreas landscape in GTA Online on these systems, while GTA+ Members gain access to The Vinewood Club Garage; an expansive vehicle storage facility capable of holding 100 vehicles at any one time.
PS5 and Xbox Series players will now have an easier way to organize and manage vehicle collections through the Interaction Menu, easily moving their collection between garages.

At Rockstar Games we can expect increased LS Car Meet Reputation points for Pursuit and Street Racing events, the option to purchase copies of another online player’s Personal Vehicle for purchase at an auction, custom description tags for every floor in Eclipse Boulevard Garage to provide more specific data, voice chat set to “off” by default on consoles (voicemail will still work though!), voice chat on consoles will now be “off”, all players will get birthday presents as usual… and more content such as Christmas-themed modes or new creator tools! Additionally Rockstar has hinted that even more content would arrive this month including new music radio stations, Christmas-themed modes plus creator tools among many more surprises in addition to regular releases! Rockstar has hinted about even more content coming our way this month including radio stations music / Christmas-themed modes or new creator tools! Rockstar have hinted about even more content coming this month including radio station music as well as more Christmas-related modes, creator tools that might appear this month as well.

Grand Theft Auto V and Online are now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Gigant Theft Auto VI should arrive sometime between 2024-2025 on those platforms as well.

GTA 5 Liberty City Update Announced Before GTA 6 Trailer
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