GTA 6 trailer has fans all abuzz.

GTA 6 trailer has fans all abuzz.

GTA 6 trailer has fans all abuzz.


As soon as December arrives, one thing becomes abundantly clear – not that of opening advent calendars but of waiting patiently until early December for GTA VI trailer releases!

Rockstar Games announced last month on social media that GTA VI’s first trailer would arrive imminently and promised many years more of sharing our experiences together.” 7 December marks Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards; however Rockstar often takes its own path when it comes to unveiling trailers; given their initial tweet’s response rate I doubt they rely solely on that event to draw in an audience for it’s debut; we don’t yet know when exactly its release will occur though that statement alone has fans anxious.

“GTA VI trailer month. 10 year journey in one piece!” wrote an emotional fan on social media. Another wrote “My friends and I will always support this game no matter what”, while yet another fan expressed hope it will be worth their wait while adding:’me too my guy. Me too.”

Even without having seen GTA VI’s trailer just yet, speculation and leaks abound online. Fans have been comparing leaked screenshots between Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V that feature an immense graphical upgrade; furthermore a pre-order date may also have leaked so we may soon be reserving copies for ourselves!

One fan recently floated an intriguing theory suggesting we may never receive GTA VI at all and may instead see Rockstar release GTA VIII instead – though all I know for certain is this speculation will soon dissipate.

GTA 6 trailer has fans all abuzz.
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