Red Alert 2 Remaster Could Soon Come About

Red Alert 2 Remaster Could Soon Come About

Red Alert 2 Remaster Could Soon Come About


Real-time strategy games don’t need to be your forte to appreciate what makes an excellent experience; Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 was, and still remains, one of the premier choices for those seeking an immersive battleground environment with constantly shifting conditions.

Not just us believe this game to be an iconic classic; fans have also applauded it and named it one of their all-time greats, even after 23 years have passed since its original release. Although its graphics may look outdated today, its core gameplay remains intact and enjoyable as ever.

Fans believe a remaster could soon take place due to both this news and developer excitement for starting work on such an endeavor. Petroglyph stated in response to players asking whether or not one might ever come about: “We are fully invested in making this remaster happen… Just need permission from publisher…”.

But EA needs to decide whether this investment will be worthwhile; according to one Redditor it takes more than fans expressing an interest; actual funding must come in for any plan to become reality – otherwise fans would just indicate their enthusiasm as part of fanservice efforts without doing much more than giving lip-service towards such plans.” It is indeed accurate!

Bigger games have also been denied sequels for far less–like Days Gone, an action-packed survival title which could have expanded further had Sony seen its potential. Unfortunately, in business it’s often money that makes the difference.

At GAMINGbible and Red Alert 2’s fandom alike, we remain hopeful about its potential remaster. Recently reimagining classic games has proven immensely profitable; just look at how well-received Metroid Prime Remaster was by both fans and critics alike!

Although Red Alert 2 may not be widely available online, you will find other Red Alert titles on Steam; be sure to explore those titles to discover whether even more legendary experiences lie waiting!

Red Alert 2 Remaster Could Soon Come About
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