Florida residents find GTA 6's open world almost too realistic.

Florida residents find GTA 6’s open world almost too realistic.

Florida residents find GTA 6’s open world almost too realistic.


GTA VI has quickly earned itself the moniker “Florida: The Game,” with many US residents hailing it for its accurate representation of Florida state.

After nearly 10 years of waiting, GTA VI’s first trailer has finally made an appearance! Although originally scheduled to drop today due to an leak, due to popular demand it came early instead. Visually impressive GTA VI might just be one of our all-time games; at 91 seconds of footage available it may well be. Fans are already hailing it highly with many complimenting that fact that GTA still retains its sense of humor while providing us with Jason and Lucia as our two primary protagonists as revealed through leaks that suggested; moreover real-life Miami residents can attest that developers did their research!

Reddit users gathered to discuss just how accurate Florida: The Game is depicted. Reddit user inaccurateTempedesc joked “Florida: The Game, in every possible way!” while Triftxy noted, “I like how this trailer includes typical Florida shenanigans such as an alligator in a pool or someone jumping onto their moving car or someone being chased across highway by police officers and so forth – although having never visited Florida myself to validate these as true portrayals; nevertheless it seems accurate enough. ” “Florida: The Game,” Triftxy wrote, adding, “I can accept these as typical; after having spent so many gator-filled nights living life here I will accept these as true depictions!

InspiredSquish commented, “Being from Florida myself, this game is something that occurs almost every Tuesday for me. From another angle of thought comes whatnameisnttaken098 who offers their view: Having driven through Miami several times for work I cannot wait until they take drastic measures such as using rocket launchers against traffic; traffic can be so horrendous!

While GTA VI’s price remains to be confirmed, industry analysts believe it will be much more reasonable than what leakers had suggested initially. Unfortunately, only Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms have been confirmed for launch initially.

Florida residents find GTA 6’s open world almost too realistic.
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