GTA 6 price much more affordable than anticipated

GTA 6 price much more affordable than anticipated

GTA 6 price much more affordable than anticipated


At one time we thought GTA VI’s trailer would finally arrive; now however we already have seen it!

Over the past 11 hours or so, an early leaker uploaded an unfinished GTA VI trailer onto Twitter via leak, compelling Rockstar Studios to release their own early trailer on YouTube for fans’ consumption. Fans quickly gave praise on its graphics – perhaps some even think this might even surpass previous titles! – while we now know GTA VI won’t arrive until 2025 (sigh…). Meanwhile one industry analyst predicts its price should be much more reasonable than what recent rumor suggested.

As reported by Reuters, analysts expect GTA VI will cost consumers within the range of current-gen releases at $150. I was dubious back then; now even more so!

Michael Pachter from Wedbush analyst firm Wedbush noted, “GTA V was one of the highest-selling games ever, so investors anticipate big things from GTA VI,” estimating its retail price would likely fall between $60 to $70; although not confirmed by Rockstar or Sony yet this number makes sense given GTA VI is being released exclusively for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms and this type of pricing we usually see from them in recent games like these.

GTA VI doesn’t appear likely to launch for PC anytime soon – no platform has yet been specified; but I am certain – as with previous GTA releases – that it will eventually make its way onto this platform as well. Anyone up for watching its trailer one more time?

GTA 6 price much more affordable than anticipated
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