PS Plus' free game is Far Cry with an unexpected and chilling horror edge

PS Plus’ free game is Far Cry with an unexpected and chilling horror edge

PS Plus’ free game is Far Cry with an unexpected and chilling horror edge


PlayStation Plus is an ever-evolving present that keeps on giving – that is, as long as you continue paying the subscription fee to Sony!

No matter which tier of PS Plus subscription plan you subscribe to, each will deliver an array of incredible games across genres and generations. Naturally, as your subscription tier increases so will the number and variety of available titles and benefits.

PlayStation Plus Essential was virtually unchanged prior to 2022 revision; this tier offers a small selection of games each month as well as discounts, exclusive DLC content and more. Next is PS Plus Extra which contains everything in Essential but with additional PlayStation 5 and 4 game selection. Finally Premium provides everything from Essential + Extra, but includes PS1, PS2 3& PSP games plus trials streaming videos movies free movies etc – it even comes with trials!

One of the standout PS Plus Extra and Premium titles currently available to gamers is Bethesda-published game Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks, developed by Bethesda itself and Bethesda itself respectively. While one might assume, given that Tango Gameworks are responsible for The Evil Within series, that Ghostwire: Tokyo would bring total terror. Contrary to popular belief though, while featuring supernatural horror elements it wasn’t intended as frightening experience but creative director Shinji Mikami assured fans – never intended even after playing through The Evil Within series.

Ghostwire: Tokyo elevates Ouija with an engaging tale about Akito Izuki who becomes possessed by an entity known only as “KK.” A massive paranormal event causes sudden disappearances amongst 99% of Tokyo residents while spirits from Japanese folklore storm the city – players will need paranormal abilities in order to solve its mystery and save the city!

Ghostwire: Tokyo may fall within the genre of first-person shooters, but that would do it no justice. Akito uses magic powers represented by Wind, Water and Fire instead of firearms to defend Tokyo against supernatural entities that threaten it – though that might sound somewhat absurd at first blush, I promise you it can be very enjoyable indeed!

Tokyo in this game is not only filled with evil ghosts but also kind spirits who need help crossing over to the other side and plenty of enjoyable activities to engage in. Much of Tokyo in this game resembles that seen in Far Cry 4, particularly when cleansing Shiroyama Shines which function similarly to Ubisoft towers as it unlocks new activities within their radius.

Ghostwire: Tokyo can currently be found both on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass for your haunt hunting pleasure! So come explore Tokyo together! Happy hunting!

PS Plus’ free game is Far Cry with an unexpected and chilling horror edge
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