Hogwarts Legacy: Azkaban Announces GTA-style Wanted System

Hogwarts Legacy: Azkaban Announces GTA-style Wanted System

Hogwarts Legacy: Azkaban Announces GTA-style Wanted System


Hogwarts Legacy’s remarkable commercial success would seem to indicate it should receive an announcement regarding its future; at minimum one might anticipate an expansion while they wait. Unfortunately Avalanche remains tight-lipped.

Hogwarts Legacy may not have made headlines this year with critics, but its players certainly adore it – according to Google it is 2023’s most searched-for game! In May devs announced it had passed $1 billion in sales but since then this number is sure to have skyrocketed thanks to Black Friday sales on all versions as well as Nintendo Switch launch and sales for Black Friday on already existing ones. Once you’ve experienced all there is to Hogwarts Legacy you may also wish to check out its Azkaban mod (only PC gamers available!).

NexusMods user nathdev’s Azkaban mod does just what its name implies – it adds Azkaban as punishment for casting any unforgiveable curses such as Avada Kedavra, Imperius or Cruciatus without suffering any dire repercussions except perhaps some uneasy stares from other players. All that will change once installed though!

“Avada Kedavra, Imperius and Cruciatus — known collectively as unforgivable curses — may cause irreparable harm if used against any living creature – using any one can earn one life imprisonment in Azkaban.” It goes on to add that once one of these spells are cast locally authorities may come looking for you; an opportunity may exist here to escape capture… or increase body counts further so as not to get arrested by them.

If caught, you will be presented with the option to “Stay in Azkaban”, “Load Game”, or ‘Exit to Main Menu”. I don’t find staying in Azkaban for too long to be that exciting; perhaps this mod provides Hogwarts Legacy with its own version of permadeath mode to offer extra challenge if staying true to wizarding ethics is difficult for you!

Hogwarts Legacy: Azkaban Announces GTA-style Wanted System
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