GTA 5 Yoga Mission has become notoriously difficult

GTA 5 Yoga Mission has become notoriously difficult

GTA 5 Yoga Mission has become notoriously difficult


GTA V’s yoga mission is utterly pointless and tedious – in my view one of Rockstar Games’ worst initiatives ever. Nothing will sway my opinion here.

GTA VI’s trailer continues to shock and astound fans, offering an almost life-like depiction of Florida. One prominent resident from that state wants Rockstar Games to pay them $2 Million as compensation for using their likeness in GTA VI.

We must admit, the game looks beautiful after only seeing 90 seconds, although some fans may temper their expectations in case its potential falls short or suffers due to microtransactions similar to GTA V’s microtransactions.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V may believe Michael yoga mission to be one of the worst missions ever created for gaming – we agree wholeheartedly!

Notably, for those unfamiliar with the game, one mission involves forcing the player into an agonisingly boring yoga mission where they must hold various control sticks in certain directions to move the character into specific stances. Although later content, yoga remains essential in moving along the main story.

GTA V contains many distasteful missions, like Trevor’s brief stint as a crane operator; but its yoga mission lives on in player memory, as illustrated by this Reddit post by ypc_adam.

One player noted how even Ned Luke, the actor playing Michael, wasn’t fond of their mission either: ‘His commentary while recording this scene is quite comical.”

One user noted that most missions involving Michael’s family can be exhausting, yet at least this one wasn’t as long.

One player stated, “Yoga, Supply Lines, OG Loc, New Model Army and Flight School have contributed to my anger issues.

While missions like these add variety and spice to the overall gameplay experience, hopefully GTA VI makes them both engaging and relevant to either story or side content in meaningful ways.

GTA 5 Yoga Mission has become notoriously difficult
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