Steam Keys Are Being Resold at Soaring Prices

Steam Keys Are Being Resold at Soaring Prices

Steam Keys Are Being Resold at Soaring Prices


By now, most have heard about The Day Before – one of 2023’s worst game releases and perhaps ever.

Even after experiencing an unmitigated fiasco with their launch – with bugs so severe that some players couldn’t leave its opening sequence – gamers continue listing Steam keys for over $300 each; even after being shut down and refunded on Steam; as well as having shut their business.

After everything that has transpired with this game, one might expect no one would want anything to do with it anymore, yet somehow there seems to be interest among certain groups; yet no-one knows at this stage whether anyone will buy keys at that price; scalpers could sell anything and some buyers might simply appreciate owning part of gaming history!

Production cycle for this game was marked with turmoil and controversy from start to finish, becoming at times one of the most anticipated games on Steam before accusations surfaced of fraud, assets flipping, plagiarising other titles for its trailer, etc. Finally launch came around and left everyone disappointed: gamers voiced their opinions with thousands of negative reviews posted to Steam expressing their displeasure with everything about it.

Ownership of keys for this terrible game doesn’t carry much clout and no one would likely buy them from you 10 years from now. Servers for the game still exist as of writing but may become inoperable soon due to inactivity from its studio – though perhaps just changed names – meaning money saved will likely never see another day’s light again. Simply save it now before someone buys from you later.

Steam Keys Are Being Resold at Soaring Prices
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