GTA 6's second trailer has already left fans stunned and excited.

GTA 6’s second trailer has already left fans stunned and excited.

GTA 6’s second trailer has already left fans stunned and excited.


Rockstar Games released the initial GTA VI trailer a few weeks ago and while excitement may have died down over time, fans remain excitedly anticipatory of seeing what will likely become its second trailer.

As soon as Rockstar Games unintentionally unveiled the initial Grand Theft Auto VI trailer early, social media went into overdrive – amassing over 155 Million YouTube views by time of writing! The premiere GTA VI trailer made quite an impactful statement.

Rockstar Games has not provided us any clues as to when our next Grand Theft Auto VI trailer might debut; or have they? Redditor 27guy suggests that bullet holes seen on Jason and Lucia’s car might provide clues regarding when its release will occur.

“Could the next GTA VI trailer drop in September?” asked Reddit user 27guy to his fellow Redditors, using morse code to translate holes as “1/9/more”, suggesting an impending trailer launch date of September.

At first glance, this may mean nothing; six bullet holes could just symbolize that there will be six GTA titles after GTA V was released in 2013. Although no character spotlight or GTA Online trailer was shown prior to that launch date. Waiting nearly one year seems excessive to me so hopefully GTA VI trailer drops much sooner; though being impatient I know better!

Redditors on Reddit thread have responded to 27guy’s post with much humor: “Six bullet holes? Someone must have shot their car six times!” said KapilRB sarcastically.

“PrawojazdyVtrumpets quickly responded that this image wasn’t focused correctly; its focus should have been the three palm trees which display time and date of next trailer trailer.” To view, however, they used an image converter with proxy separation, followed by isolating proxy, to clearly see it but required TPS viewer for optimal viewability. After doing that they saw something they couldn’t believe they saw — after they deleted fat32 to make space they threw their computer out the window with what they saw – very funny indeed!”

No one knows when or if the next GTA VI trailer will debut; let’s just hope it does not leak first!

Grand Theft Auto VI will be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms in 2025.

GTA 6’s second trailer has already left fans stunned and excited.
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