Spider-Man 2 will come equipped with three free DLCs.

Spider-Man 2 will come equipped with three free DLCs.

Spider-Man 2 will come equipped with three free DLCs.


Spider-Man 2 was an enormous hit this year despite failing to win anything during The Game Awards and fans have eagerly anticipated its DLC content. Unfortunately, we now know it will arrive, due to an accidental leak by Insomniac that revealed their plans.

According to ResetEra’s post on superhero game DLC releases, they all promise much. Two DLC packs add new bosses and open-world missions while the third offers something exciting: it appears as though there will be some crossover with Spider-Verse that should make many happy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will provide some surprise DLC. Alongside its Spider-Verse crossover mode, there will also be DLC packs featuring Beetle and Carnage; many fans had assumed he’d wait until either Venom 2 or sequel for such content to become available. This comes as something of a shocker as many had assumed Carnage would stay out for now!


Three DLC packs do indeed sound about right since that was also how many packs the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game featured. We don’t yet know whether all three packs will form one connected narrative like they did for its predecessor; nonetheless we are pleased that more content will soon arrive for Spider-Man.

Not that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 needs any additional content, but the announcement was only revealed through leak. An online mode for Spider-Man was also confirmed, which had fans intrigued – an online Spider-Man game is quite unique, to say the least!

It is disappointing that Insomniac Games was put through this turmoil; they have produced some fantastic titles over their tenure – we already mentioned Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, their highest rated title so far; also, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has proven popular both on PS5 and PC platforms!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has become available now on PlayStation 5, with PC versions likely being revealed shortly.

Spider-Man 2 will come equipped with three free DLCs.
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