Fallout meets BioShock in this exciting, popular Steam game

Fallout meets BioShock in this exciting, popular Steam game

Fallout meets BioShock in this exciting, popular Steam game


Survival games set on oceans and seas already boast numerous offerings, yet as fans flock to this genre it never hurts to have more.

Sunkenland is an immersive survival game which initially feels similar to Raft due to your character being completely submerged by water on all sides. But as soon as you start exploring further you’ll realize it’s actually set in an alternate reality where sea levels rose significantly higher than buildings, drowning the majority of inhabitants along the way.

This rare post-apocalypse scene can only be seen through Kevin Costner films: an underwater civilisation has left behind materials to salvage for supplies; danger lurks just around every bend as materials must be collected from depths where danger abounds; while searching for materials can become somewhat of an oppressive task due to deep waters; yet they hold wonderful sights such as old power plants or abandoned apartment complexes, which offer respite.

Once you’ve amassed enough resources, building any type of base you desire becomes possible. “Whether that be a water stronghold, abandoned ship base or island penthouse will depend on how your resources are distributed – whether for protection, sustenance production and storage needs or simply staying refreshed! Your base serves many functions to protect and keep yourself refreshed during battle – be it crafting items, farming crops or storage of supplies.”

Sunkenland features all of the traditional survival mechanics as well as crafting options designed to not only keep you alive but defend your base too. However, battles don’t last forever either and there can often be skirmishes between enemies like mutant pirates raiding enemy atolls for resources while using melee weapons, firearms and explosives for effective defense on land as well as sea. This game brings Rust-esque battles into Sunkenland!

As someone who enjoys survival games – particularly Raft! – I find this new title appealing. Constructing and protecting my base from NPC attacks adds another level to its genre; I will definitely check it out and will most definitely check yours too!

Fallout meets BioShock in this exciting, popular Steam game
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