Fallout fans need to check out this free Xbox game!

Fallout fans need to check out this free Xbox game!

Fallout fans need to check out this free Xbox game!


Xbox Game Pass has once more made headlines by unveiling an award-winning single player RPG comparable to Fallout franchise.

Obsidian Entertainment released The Outer Worlds back in 2019 as an action RPG and recently added it to Xbox Game Pass’ catalog of titles. Offering similar combat and dialogue as Bethesda’s Fallout franchise, The Outer Worlds quickly become popular among fans of action RPGs.

“Lost in transit on a colonist ship bound for the far reaches of space, you awake decades later to find yourself embroiled in an underground conspiracy threatening Halcyon colony”, reads its official synopsis. As you journey into space and encounter various factions vying for power, who ultimately determine how this player-driven narrative unfolds; choosing your character to represent will ultimately impact this player-driven tale that unfolds based on your choices – you are an unpredictable factor within this corporate equation of Halcyon colony corporate equation!

As The Outer Worlds is designed to adapt to every decision that you make, from character customisation and companion story choices, right up to end game scenarios – everything depends on you! As soon as you set off across a colony, every action taken by you will be tracked so as to tailor the experience specifically to you and ensure optimal gameplay experience.

“Do Raptidons keep attacking? Taken the Raptiphobia flaw for temporary debuff when facing these predatory beasts but gain immediate benefit as an extra character perk! With this optional approach to Halcyon exploration you can build exactly the character that suits your style while exploring!”

As well as meeting amazing new people along your travels, you will form relationships with a wide array of companions whom will all have different skills, personalities, and goals that complement those on the path with you – which makes this team truly remarkable!

Fallout-like games offer players plenty of exploration opportunities across Halcyon. From settlements and space stations, to unexplored corners and various intriguing spots across its landscape – your mission should always be the same: complete quests, discover new people and enhance abilities!

Xbox Game Pass members now enjoy access to The Outer Worlds for free.

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