Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch Notes 1.23 – New Update

Bandai Namco and the responsible developers have finished and announced that a new upgrade for Dragon Ball FighterZ. We’ve got the entire patch notes for this update on May 19th.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.23 can now be downloaded for all platforms. Below you will find the full Patch Notes 1.23.

Additional data for Dragon Ball FighterZ – FighterZ Pack 16 downloadable content.

Note: must be bought and downloaded individually.

Made improvements to the following features:

  • Players are now able to add different players on their follow list to their favorites (3 maximum ).
  • Players are now able to see information on players they’ve added to their favorites, such as the nation and reception that they were last in and for how long they were there.
  • The above information will be displayed after players about the favorites log in the game. (The info won’t be displayed if these players chose to not make it public).
  • Players can now select their Player Card is exhibited on the VS screen.
  • More info has been added to the Player Card.


Added a new attribute to the store”

  • Players are now able to spend Zeni and Premium Z Coins to purchase an assortment of brand new products.
  • The”Player Registration” class has been added, and it is currently simpler to find more often used expressions.
  • Preset messages and Z Stamps can now be delivered to all regions outside the present lobby.


Made enhancements to Tournament Mode

  • Reduced the minimal required number of players for FighterZ Tournaments and custom tournaments from 12 to 4.
  • Created changes to celebrities acquired during preliminaries. Players will now earn more stars based on the number of successive wins they have.
  • When time staying for prelims is reduced, players will struggle in rather quick games.


Added new rules.

  • Players can now pick a competition when connecting an Arena Match.
  • Players can now use special rules during matches.


Titles can now be displayed in Internet matches

Fixed issues with fighting mechanisms

Updated replay data variant (Replay data from old versions cannot be performed )

Enhanced game performance and stability

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