Terraria New Weapons – Zenith Sword & Celebration MK 2

Zenith sword

New weapons have been added to Terraria with all the Journey’s End upgrade. It is intended to be the game’s final upgrade, and the programmers have included two ridiculously overpowered, fancy weapons — the Zenith sword and the Celebration MK2 rocket launcher — along with some more controlled ones. This guide is going to show you ways to get new weapons in Terraria 1.4, what they look like and their own stats.

Terraria New Weapons — Zenith Sword & Celebration MK 2Zenith sword

Possibly the most significant of the bunch is your Zenith sword. It’s a combination of nine other swords. When utilized, it actually shoots all those other blades like boomerangs and can hit through walls. It does a bunch of harm and contains a high critical hit chances, together with typical speed and crazy knockback.

The only way to have it is via crafting.


Celebration Mk2 fireworks launcher

It is like an upgraded version of the first Celebration, since it shoots more projectiles with increased speed. It’ll turn your display into a party, and each type of projectile behaves differently, besides ending with a different particle result. The only way to do it’s by farming the Moon Lord till it falls.

Super Star Shooter

The Super Star Shooter shoots falling stars, which then take another projectile upon contact. It utilizes Fallen Stars as ammo, and you can get it in the travelling retailer for 50 gold pieces, but just after beating The Destroyer, The Twins, or Skeletron Prime.


Whips are an entirely new category of summoning weapon. They’ve a unique arc and cannot result in critical hits. There are eight of these — some can be craftedothers fall out of bosses, others can simply be bought.

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